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Region: Eastern Aegean Area: Lesbos, Marmaro, Gulf of Gera
The island of Lesvos is located on the North Aegean Sea, and is the third largest island of Greece and the seven largest of the Mediterranean.
The town of Mitilini, the capital of the island, is a contemporary city with quite a few signs from the past.
The island is well known for its rich history and culture as well as it is variable nature.

Moria is a place of particular interest as it offers towers, mansions and a roman aquaduct. North, at Mythimna, visit the traditional settlement and the Byzantine castle while in Mandamado you will admire the local handicraft. In the beautiful gulf of Gera, in Dipi Larsos you will find one of the most famous wetlands of Greece.
In the town of Mitilini, see the castle, the ancient theater and the archaeological museum. Visit in Agiasos the church of the Virgin Mary (Panayia), the Folklore and the Ecclesiastical Museum.
The Gulf of Kalloni with its high grade sea shells and Vatera, a tourist location and the natural habit of the sea lily.
At Pyrgous Thermis you will be impressed by the towers and the church of Panayia Troulotis, a 14th century monument.
Further west you can see the petrified wood of Sigri, a unique natural phenomenon, and in Eresso visit the Akropolis, the museum and the Ypsilou monastery, the oldest of Lesvos.
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