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Region: Eastern Aegean Area: Ikaria, Pigi
The charm of Ikaria stems mainly from mythology as the island is connected to the tragic fate of Icarus who wanted to fly as high as the sun without taking into account the fact that his wax wings would melt from the heat.
The island is located close to Samos, near the edge of the Cyclades and Asia Minor, and it is known for its waters filled with fish and the thermal springs that are a miracle cure for many diseases. The beaches of Ikaria are among the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean.
Travellers looking for wild beauty will be enchanted by this fascinating island with its lacy coastline which simultaneously coexists with green cliffs, beautiful beaches and the blue of the sea.

The rare sulphur springs at Therma
The particular way of life at the Hristos Rachon village
The beautiful beaches in contrast to the evergreen forests of the island
Walk to the island's capital, San Kiriko, a picturesque amphitheatre-like harbour where there are still some neo-classical houses.
You should also stop at the hot springs of Therma and enjoy the benefits of the well-preserved sulphur baths.
Over the Therma, you can see the citadel of Katafiyio, a valuable example of archaic sculpture.
It is worth visiting the ancient church of St. Irene (dated in 5th century) and the archaeological and ethnographic museum located in Campos.
At Na, at the end of a little bay, you will discover the foundations of the temple of Artemis.
A few miles above the Armenisti there is a beautiful village called Hristos Rachon, where its inhabitants follow a traditional lifestyle.
Visit the complex of the Fourni islands (daily departures by boat from San Kiriko) to taste good fresh fish and lobster.
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