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Region: Eastern Aegean Area: Chios, Kardamila

Chios is the fifth largest island of Greece and it is an Aegean destination that will enchant you, since it offers a long history, rich culture and a great variety of landscapes. It is the only part of the world that produces Mastic, well known for its rich flavour and its special cultivation.

The frescoes of Pyrgi and the settlement of Mesta. On the west, the castle village of Anavatos which is built on the cliff.
The village of Ayios Yalas and see the cave with the two churches which is connected with caves with stalactites.
The Mavra Volia beach at Emporio, with black pebbles of volcanic origin.
Karies 6 kms for the town with its natural water springs and panoramic view.
The Lagada village, on the road to Kardamila, with the coffee houses and tavernas, offers itself for rest after a long expedition in the North of Chios.
The village of Armolia well known for its ceramics.
The impressive medieval castle in the town of Chios with its archway, as well as the Byzantine Museum.
The Mastichoria or Medieval villages (Mesta Anavatos, Pyrgi, Olympi, and others) with their unique architecture. Nea Moni 11 kms west of Chios, with the golden mosaics is one of the most important Byzantine monasteries in Greece and it is under the Protection of World Heritage of UNESCO.
Kambos, south of the city, will impress you with its citrus fruits, beautiful farms with mansions and beautiful courtyards.
The small village of Kardamila, on the north, which is the third largest settlement of Chios. It has a port, Marmaro, whose majority of the residents are either ship owners or work as sailors. Finally the medieval castle of Volissos.
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