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Region: Continental Greece & Evia Area: Fthiotida, Amfiklia
The region of Fthiotida is full of impressive mountains and beautiful beaches, so that it can satisfy all the demands of those who constantly seek new travel experiences. Here you will discover numerous picturesque villages which pop up among the maple oak and pine trees, as well as coastal villages where you can bathe or fish. You will find, as well, important archaeological monuments and many thermal spas. The region is ideal for getaways throughout the year.

‘he gorge of Asopos. ‘he best time to visit is September. The journey is magnificent and it combines swimming and walking. Around the Lake of Nevropoli you will find many paths for walking, for rides by horse or by car.
‘he capital of this district is Lamia (215 kms from Athens), which is an important commercial center built on the south western, pine-covered mountain sides of Othris, close to the river Sperhios. The historical village of Thermopylae is located just 18 kms from Lamia and that is where the thermal spas of Thermopylae, famous from ancient times, are located.
South of Lamia, starts the mountain region of Parnassos, the mountain Kallidromo and Oiti, do not omit to take a walk in the protected National Park of Oiti.
Visit, westerly Atlantis, the evergreen villages of Elati and Tithorea as well as Amfiklia which is located close to the skiing center of Parnassos and its National Park.
Paleohori is a village at the foot of the mountain Kallidromon and of the lake of Nevropolis and is the perfect place to start your visits to Elefterohori and Skamnos, as well as to the Byzantine Monastery of Damasta.
Make a stop at the village of Ipati, west of Lamia and visit the castle, its refreshing waterfall and the thermal spa.
The neighbouring villages of Loutra, Kastania, Lihno, Kambotdes and Mexiates are particularly picturesque.
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