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Region: Cyclades Area: Naxos, Galini

Naxos is located at the heart of the Aegean Sea and it is the biggest and most fertile island of the Cycladic complex of islands. Having as its main characteristic Zeus Mountain which reaches 1004 meters height, Naxos covers an area of 448 square km while the length of its coasts reaches 148 km. Thanks to its rich landscape, the island offers to its visitors a great variety of scenes as well as of stunning sandy beaches. Its coasts and valleys are full of fortresses and archeological findings.

Beautiful Naxos and its stunning and original traditional mountain villages.
The Kouros statues in Flerio and Apollonas
The house-museum of Della Rocca family.
Arriving at the port there is no chance to miss the trade-mark of the island, Portara, the gate of the Apollonius Temple which is even more beautiful during the sunset.
By the time you step into the Castle’s magisterial gate, you have accessed the mediaeval town. In fact, it is considered to be the biggest and most well-preserved Aegean castle.
Do not miss to stop by the house – museum of the French origin family Della Rocca, as you will have a very interesting tour-guide by the family’s descendants. Also, the view from the spot to the port and Palatia Island is amazing.
Following the pathway straight opposite to the Museum’s entrance you can reach at the highest point of the castle whereby lie, the Cathedral and the archeological museum.
In order to experience the most original part of the island you will have to visit the traditional mountain villages along with their fertile valleys located at its back side, figuring in Natura 2004. The road passes through Galanado village while just next to it lies the Belonia Tower and a bit further Damarionas and Filoti, with its amazing panoramic view. Apiranthos village, built at the slope of the hill, within an area full of vineyards, is considered as one of the most picturesque villages of the island. Highlight, its 3 churches impressively decorated by some rare artwork. Very closely to that, you will find two towers dating from the 17th century, namely Zevgoli and Bardani. Continuing your tour towards the north, pass by at Appolonas little village, next to the ancient marble-quarry. From there you can admire the famous 10 meters high Kouros statue which has remained unfinished from ancient times. There is also another Kouros exposed at Flerio village. Going downtown you pass by two villages, Egares and Galini, both built in the middle of a fertile valley.
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