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Region: Macedonia Area: Pieria, Mt Olympus, Paleos Pandeleimonas

Olympus, a high and rocky mountain, covered by clouds, has always had in our dreams a special place. The highest peak, the mountain Mitikas, reaches the height of 2.917 meters. The residence of Zeus and the kingdom of the gods, today is a National park of exceptional beauty listed in the European Natura 2000 network, a natural heritage of Unesco since 1981 and a true paradise for trekkers and alpinists.
At the foot of Olympus, in the fertile valley of Pieria, perfectly preserved ancient Dion will enchant the lovers of history.

The excursions to the beautiful forests and the mountains of the region of Olympus
The ancient site of Dion
Climbing the mount Olympus
The ancient Dion, the sacred town of the Macedonians, houses one of the most beautiful Greco-Roman monuments of Northern Greece. Discover in this archaeological site the temples of the gods, two theatres and one stadium.
During the festival of Olympus, in July and August, recitals and theatrical performances are organized in Katerini, in Dion, in Litohoro, in Makrogialo and the Castle of Platamona.
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