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Region: Macedonia Area: Florina, Sklithro
The county of Florina is fairly considered as the most beautiful county of western Macedonia. Its visitors will be amazed by the contradictory natural environment and the traditional villages built in various parts all within an ideal flourished landscape. The mountains rise up high in a very imposing way while their magisterial height is reflected in the famous Prespes lakes. This region has been the mother-land of all great men of antiquity, such as Perdikas and Alexander the Great.

The picturesque island of Agios Achillios, in the middle of nowhere.
The Prespes lakes and the birds of passage.
The Macedonian wine roads
Do not miss to pay a visit to the picturesque town of Florina, which is built within the glen next to the river, the beautiful traditional village called Nimfeo, covered with grey and white colors and full of luxury villas, as well as Amynteo, famous for its cellars and the wine taste-tests which are taking place regularly.
A visit to the village called Xino Nero is also a must-do, in order to admire its natural sparkling sources.
Discover Agios Germanos with its panoramic view at the Prespes lakes and the Psarades village, whereby you will be impressed seeing all over the place cows and pelicans drifting around.
Also, you will surely have the chance to get a ride by a fisherman around the lake in order to observe the rare bird species as well as to visit the isolated places whereby the monks practice their religion (askitaria).
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