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Region: Peloponnese Area: Ilia, Archaia Pisa, Miraka
Ilia’s county, located at the western part of Peloponnesus is a huge fertile valley with a wonderful landscape and stunning beaches. The main town has preserved through the time its unique village style and its rare authenticity. Olympia, the motherland of Olympic Games and its archeological area are considered to be the main reasons why you should definitely visit Ilia.

Olympia’s amazing region with its archeological area.
Merkouris wine production farm
Kaiafa’s lake with its thermal spa
The wonderful mountain villages and the Apollonian temple in Vasses.
Discover Kyparissia’s bay and its coasts reaching 50 km which are inviting you to explore many amazing locations. During your tour, you will discover many regions next to the sea as well as many wonderful beaches. The region figures in Natura 2000 network.
At the southern part of Kyparissias bay you will meet the second most important reproduction population of Carretta-Carretta sea turtles. Take a tour at the Katakolo small port which is full of nice colors, cafes and restaurants. Katakolo is particularly crowded during the summer.
Leaving the place and heading towards Gastouni, stop by the seaside village, called “Loutra Kyllinis”, with its thermal spa known from ancient times. The installations are isolated but there is a wonderful beach full of hills made of golden sand. Do not be confused with Kyllini, which is the main port to disembark to Zakynthos.
6 km away from Kyllini, at the top of a hill which towers above the sea, stands Chelmoutsi castle, at Kastro village, which is considered to be the most beautiful and the biggest West European castle of Peloponnesus.
Feel revitalized in the thermal spa waters of the Kaifas Lake. Kaiafas region has a unique character as it combines water areas, forests and sandy hills.
Do not miss to pay a visit at the Skafidias monastery which dates from the 10th century. Alfios river water gate which is just 10 km away from Korakochori village is very close to a water-area.
The Apollonian temple in Vasses and the villages of Andritsaina, Karitaina, Stemnitsa and Dimitsana are some of the region’s spots which are worth visiting.
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