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Region: Macedonia Area: Halkidiki, Vrastama
Chalkidiki, east of Thessaloniki, is divided from the rest of the Macedonia region by the Koronia and Volvi lakes. It is made, at its south part, of three peninsulas that go into the sea: Cassandra, Sithonia and the world-famous Aghio Oros (Mount Athos).
The first two have many kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches with white sand and resorts, but the third, almost an island by itself, is dedicated to monastic life and can only be visited by men.

A cruise along the Mount Athos coastline
The mountainous villages of central Chalkidiki
The beaches with fine sand and the deep blue waters
Beloved destination of the Thessaloniki residents, the Cassandra peninsula attracts a great number of tourists – it is wise to avoid visiting the area during weekends or vacation time. You will find many marinas and beautiful crowded beaches as well as luxurious restaurants and hotels.
Sithonia, which is close, is more picturesque and quiet despite the fact that it is very touristic. An amazing onshore road with hills full of pine trees offers you the opportunity to do a tour of the peninsula. Full of beaches with fine sand, the area has magnificent bays with crystal clear water appropriate for diving.
Mount Athos is located at the easternmost peninsula. This autonomous monastic state is accessed solely and strictly by men. A special permission and many months of waiting are needed for someone to visit Mount Athos. But once the permission is granted, one is compensated by the unique character and the amazing beauty of the area.
Boats depart from Ouranoupoli and make excursions along the coast of Agios Oros for a guided tour of the monasteries, by the sea.
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