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Region: Thrace Area: Xanthi, Toxotes
Xanthi, a city where the Thrace prefecture starts, unfolds a different facet of Greece, the one the travel guidebooks never refer to and that has not surrendered to mass tourism.
This magnificent region, rich in history and surprising images, has many interesting places to visit and many activities to satisfy all tastes and motivate us to explore it.

The old town of Xanthi
Trekking along the Nestos river
The natural habitats (donąt forget your binoculars!)
The Pomaki Villages
Walk the cobble-covered streets of the old part of Xanthi; its authentic character is particularly obvious in the old Ottoman quarters.
Donąt forget to visit the Folklore Museum that houses all traditional artifacts of the region.
Visit the Toxotes village, the restored mosque is worth a visit.
The deserted part of the village still has many magnificent mansions that prove the prosperity of the tobacco producers of the past.
Donąt forget to visit the following traditional mountainous villages in Northern Xanthi: Oreo, Sminthi, Echinos, Kidari and Gorgona, all populated by Pomaki (Greek muslims that have populated the region for centuries), the last ones to produce tobacco in the area.
Driving through Avdira, make a stop to visit the Vourvoukeli estate (by appointment) and taste the wine. Conclude your visit with a stop at the amazing archaeological museum.
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