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Region: Crete Area: Heraklion, Tylissos
Crete is in an area approximately of the same size as Corsica, and is the largest of the Greek islands. Because of its geographical situation, it is the border that separates the Aegean for the Libyan Sea, in essence Europe from Africa.
The climate of the island is considered one of the best in Europe. On the island the mountains dominate.
Deep gorges cut across literally the high mountains before they reach the fertile valleys.
This way there is constantly a variation in the landscape, woody, green and quiet.
Enter the rhythms of Crete and start to discover this island which is considered the cradle of the western world.

Źnossos: the most important of the Minoan palaces and the oldest city of Greece.
The Gorge of Samaria: a unique trekking experience in the deepest gorge in Europe.
The Venetian castle of Frangokastello
Crete is a dream come true for hikers because it offers large number of routes.
The best known is the trekking through the Samaria Gorge. For the dedicated there is a marked path that goes around the whole island.
There are numerous beaches, Vai, Paleohora, Rethymno as well as Agia Marina.
On the west of the island the beaches are more exposed to the winds but they are more beautiful and not so popular.
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