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Region: Epirus Area: Arta, Rodavgi
Arta is located on the left bank of the river Arahthos. Built amphitheatrically, on the site of the ancient Amvrakia, this quiet town houses some jewels of the Byzantine art, one of which is the famous bridge with its 4 arches, well-known for its architecture and the myth about its construction (the myth says that the master builder sacrificed his wife in order to stabilize the foundations).
At a distance of 60 kms, the beautiful Tzoumerka range, with its highest peak reaching 2939 meters, will enchant you by their abundant springs and the waterfalls, the traditional villages and the numerous bridges.

The waterfalls of Kataraktis village is the highlight of the area.
The trekking path, which is marked between Kalarites and Syrako, is impressive. In order to go and come back you have to allow for 3 hours hike, which will offer you true happiness, while when returning at Kalarites one can enjoy a magnificent meal at the taverna of Napoleon concluding thus a memorable day!
Ápart from the famous bridge of Arta, visit the castle at the top of the Peranthi hill, the theatre and the temple of Apollo, at the site of the ancient Amvrakia.
At the churches of Panayia of Parayoritisa, St Theodora, St Basil and Kato Panayia, built around the 13 century, you can see interesting frescoes, mosaics and icons.
Going along the river Arahthos, do not omit to stop at the famous bridges of Plaka and Politsa.
Near the village Pramanda, the cave of Anemotripa with stalactites and stalagmites, an underground lake and natural springs.
The spectacular waterfalls of Tsoumerka, at the height of the village Kataraktis, guarantee a refreshing visit.
The traditional villages of Syrrako and Kalarites with their beautiful architecture.
The monastery of Kipinas carved in the cliff, at Kalarites and the monastery of Tsouka (12th Century), near Elliniko village.
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