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Region: Cyclades Area: Tinos, Tripotamos
Tinos is situated in the northern part of the Cyclades, between the islands of Andros and Mykonos. A beautiful and authentic island, a real postcard colored in blue and white. Being a perfect stopover for the travelers, away from the bustle of trendy islands. Tinos is rich in beautiful landscapes and enchanting villages that are worth a visit.

Its capital and the main port is dominated by the church of “Panagia Evanghelistria”, place of pilgrimage since ancient times, and the hill of Exobourgo, 640 meters in height.

The town of Tinos and the Church of the “Panagia Evangelistria” (Virgin Mary)
The traditional, picturesque villages specially the Village of “Pyrgos” and the Museum of Marble.
The quiet and beautiful beaches
The church of “Panagia Evangelistria” of Tinos, was built at the place where the icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) was found.

The Archaeological Museum , the ruins of the temples of Poseidon and Amphitrite in the village of Kionia, 3 km away.

The monastery of Kechrovounio, Northeast of the “Chora” (the capital of the island), built in a magnificent location the 12th century and today inhabited by about thirty nuns.

The 640 unique pigeon houses and the "hyperthiras" (skylights), semicircles pieces of marble decorating the doors and the windows of the houses.

It is estimated that there are more than 14.000 and they are the real attractions that give uniqueness to the island.
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