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Region: Cyclades Area: Paros, Piso Livadi
Paros, the third largest island in the arcipelagos, is known for its white marble, and the whitewashed houses, true examples of Cycladic architecture.
The island is famous, also, for its wind mills and the beautiful beaches with golden sand. he intense life of the waterfront villages, comes into contrast with the peace which reigns in the inland villages.
Paros is well known for the harmony and beauty of its landscapes. On the island you will encounter huge valleys full of springs and flatlands full of vineyards, olive groves, lemon and orange trees.

During your stay in Paros you can visit the island of Antiparos.
Paros is a stylish decoration from the treasures of Cyclades, a paradise for the athletic types as well as those who wish to do nothing during their vacation. It is a pleasant place for any time and that is why we always return here.
Parikia, with its narrow winding small paths, is the port and the capital of the island.
In order for you to discover the town, walk as much as you wish driven by your instinct and, if by chance you get lost, you will discover treasures which will make your wonderings a true source of magical impressions.
Do not omit to visit the church of Panayia of Ekatontapilianis and the castle, from where you get an exceptional view of the sea, particularly when it begins to get dark.
Naoussa is a village with white narrow streets, on the north side of the island. The small harbor is particularly picturesque full of colorful caiques while from this particular location you can see the ruins of a Venetian battlement.
On your way to Lefkes, you meet a road which leads you to the well known mines of white marble.
Make a stop at Lefkes, this beautiful traditional small village in the center of the island. Its location offers you a magnificent view of the scattered islands, when the atmosphere is clean. Continue your walk towards the fishing village Piso Livadi and the beach of Logara.
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