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Region: Peloponnese Area: Korinthos, Trikala Korinthias
At the north-eastern side of Peloponnesus, the region of Corinth, 85 km away from Athens where exactly the Corinthian Gulf meets with Saronikos, is separated from the continental Greece with the famous isthmus bearing the same name.
Among vineyards and acres sown with legends and archeological ruins, the lovers of Greek mythology will find here their hurtĘs desire.
Traveling in Corinth is a real journey through time and history.

The Isthmus of Corinth
The Stymphalia Lake
The vineyards of Nemea
The valleys of Feneos and Doxa
Known since the antiquity, Corinth with its strategic geographical position joining Attica with Peloponnesus, constituted a rich and strong town.
The modern town does not indeed show a particular interest apart from its historical and folklore museum. One should not ignore that this is the region where the famous raisin comes from.
7 km away from the modern town, stand the ruins of the temples of Apollo at the top of the sight of Ancient Corinth with a marvelous view to the Gulf of Corinth and Acrocorinth.
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