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Region: Cyclades Area: Amorgos, Aegiali
The long and narrow island located on the southeastern part of the Cyclades boasts a wealth of archaeological treasures, folk architecture and local customs and traditions.
A rugged coastline and small bays characterize the shoreline of this island that has two physical ports: the Aiyali port on the north part and the Katapola one at the center.
The capital lies at the center of the island and is built around a Venetian castle.
Locals engage themselves in harvesting traditional agricultural crops, in raising livestock and fishing, Amorgos is located in one of the largest fishing areas in Greece.

Vibrant local festivals, intense rural life, ruins of ancient cities.
In Amorgos, the prehistoric settlements coexist with folk customs and traditions, creating a timeless setting.
The Byzantine monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa is the most photographed attraction of Amorgos. Carved into a vertical cliff, it offers breathtaking views to the sea.
You reach it by foot via a stone path that literally hangs over the water.

It is also worth visiting the ancient Minoa, which lies on a hill over Katapola. Another ancient city is Arkesini in Kastri.

On the northern part of the island, near the Langada village, there is the Byzantine monastery of St. John the Theologian.
And, of course, do not forget to visit the Venetian castle of Chora and its archaeological museum with findings from the area.
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