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Region: Ionian Islands Area: Zakynthos, Tragaki
Also known as the LevanteĘs Flower (the flower of East) as it was called by the inhabitants of Venice, Zakynthos looks like a magnificent garden. The mountains, hills and trees, the valleys full of vineyards, olive-groves and almond-trees are making up a landscape in perfect harmony with the amazing beaches and the turquoise waters.

The picturesque and authentic little villages in the main town of Zakynthos.
The light-blue caves and the Navagio bay
Swimming together with the famous Carretta-Carretta sea turtles.
Zakynthos, capital and port of the island, covers a vast area in the foothill of Bochalis Hill. Built around the castle, Bochalis district will capture you with its small and quiet paved pathways and the flourished dooryards of its traditional houses. Barely saved by the earthquakes, the old Venetian castle offers to its visitors a panoramic view of the town, port and even crosswise of the Peloponnesus coasts. Amongst the townĘs sights, Saint Denise Monastery, the old churches and the Byzantine museum.
On the road to the main town, you will discover some wonderful rural villages, literally drown into the green, whose traditional architecture and mentality remain intact. Stop by the one and only tavern of Gyri village to enjoy a wonderful traditional meal. There is a zoo in Askos, gathering all the animals of the island. Do not miss to pay a visit at the eco-museum located in Kallithea, which gives you an image of the old rural lifestyle.
The well-preserved village of Kampi, has a wonderful view. Do not miss to visit the light-blue caves with the wonderful turquoise water, in the northwestern part of the village. The trade-mark of the island, however, figuring in the islandĘs card-postal is “Navagio”, meaning shipwreck, located at the western part of the island. The bluff rock rises higher than the old wreckage which still lies in the middle of one of the best beaches of the Ionian Sea.
In the southern part, is situated the wonderful village Keri, with its picturesque bars. Gerakas, in the hill of the southeastern part of the island, is the place where the reproduction of Carrettas-Carrettas is taking place, this famous kind of sea turtles protected by international organizations, while the western coasts are inhabited by the Monachus-Monachus sea dogs which are also one of the protected species.
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