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Region: Peloponnese Area: Arcadia, Poulithra
Peleponnese looks like a huge maple leaf with Arcadia being situated in its center, it is basically mountainous and very important archaeologically. Tripoli, which is the capital of Arcadia and a crossroad in the heart of the Peloponnese is located 165 kms from Athens.
Arcadia is renown for its authenticity and ingenuity. The region is full of pine tree woods, steep precipices, hospitable mountain villages while the country side is idyllic.

A hike to the traditional village of Leonidion
Go to the mountainous village of Cosmas and its wonderful view to gulf of Argolis
Visit the monasteries existing in the region
Donąt miss out on the fiesta of eggplants taking place on the last Saturday of August
While crossing the Eastern Arcadia also called Kynouria, do not forget to stop at the beautiful mountain villages that are on your way, wonderfully disoriented of the general scenery transporting you to other places and times.
This region has a big advantage since it is situated between the sea and the mountain and you can benefit from the lovely beaches at the nearby places, the picturesque fishing ports and the mountainous and authentic villages of Parnonas Mountain.
A particularity of the region is that the elders still speak the local dialect, called “Tsakonika”, of Dorian origin.
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