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Region: Epirus Area: Ioannina, Megalo Papigo
This complex of mountain villages north of Ioannina is well known for its beauty. The landscape is imposing and unique. Nature is at its best and man's “works” have blended in with the environment.
Nature has been generous to the locality.
Villages are surrounded by mountains and the tops of the Pindos range, 4 rivers and the famous Vikos gorge located 900 metres above sea level.
The flora and fauna are of incredible interest and beauty.
Forests of teak trees, black pine trees and fir trees here have the biggest population of game and wild animals. Wild cats inside the teak forest. Bucks, wild pigs, bears, martins, wild goats and squirrels.
Here you can find the river with the most turquoise color known as the Aoos or Voidomatis and you can admire it standing on the incredible stone bridges which abound in Epiros.

The Vikos Gorge has a total length of 30 kms and a depth from 600 to 1200 meters. It is a very impressive area with incredible vegetation and an interesting history – here the Vikos doctors practiced, practical doctors who healed a plentitude of patients with herbs which they collected from the rich flora of the gorge.
At Vitsa and Monodendri which are situated in the south easterly entrance of the Vikos ravine, one descends into the Gorge using the Steps of Vitsa and from Monodendri you descend into the Voidomati river bed.

In the Genitsari place visit the ancient settlement of Molossos. Small roads lead towards the archaeological area, the stone staircase of Vikos, and the small churches and the Bridge of Misios.

In the picturesque Koukouli nature goes wild. You can visit the folk lore museum Lazaridi.

It is worth while to see Tsepelovo, which goes up to 1080 meters with many well preserved houses, a nice square full of maple trees and a very good taverna.

In the picturesque Aristi, a village build at 650 m on the northern side of the historical height “Grambolo” walk through the narrow cobble paths and admire many old mansions. Vikos is located after Aristi at the height of 770 m is a true balcony from where you can see the Vikos gorge and the mountains of Papingo. From donations from benefactors the schools and churches were build (St Trifonas in 1871, the holy church of Panayia in the 18th century). In 1922the village was deserted by the inhabitants. From here paths lead you towards the Voidomati river, the church of Panayia of Vikos and Ai Yiannis in Kasraki, the Elafotopo and the springs.

Do not on any account miss Ano Pedina they are located at a height of 960 m. The benefactors of 18 and 19 century declared them “spiritual house”. The visitor can see the holy church of Evangelistria (1790) the church of St Dimitrios on the square (1793) the holy church of St Paraskevi of the 18th century as well as other churches, The Lambriadion School of domestic science, the house of I.Tsigara, small narrow pathways and mansions.
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