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Region: Crete Area: Chania, Vafes
Crete, with the surface approximately of the same size as Corsica, is the largest of the Greek islands.
Mountains dominate the landscape, while deep gorges literally cut across them (as the Lefka Ori, Psiloritis, Dikti) before reaching the fertile valleys. Hence, there is a constant variation in the landscape, from forested to green and quiet. Enter the rhythms of Crete and start to discover this island which is considered the cradle of the western world.

Źnossos: the most important of the Minoan palaces and the oldest city of Greece which is located 5 kms north-west of Heraklion which is at 75 kms from Rethimno.
The Gorge of Samaria: a unique trekking experience in the deepest gorge in Europe.
The Venetian castle of Fragokastelo close to which you will find a spectacular beach with very fine sand.
The Elafonisi: a small heavenly islet on the southwest side of Crete which is the last station of the migratory birds who travel to Africa.
The old town of Hania, with the magnificent harbor, radiates a unique Venetian aura while at the same time it offers mild Oriental elements. A walk through the small streets of the town will take you on the journey through the history of Crete.
The closed market, in the shape of a cross, is always clean, full of people and smells.
The archaeological museum is located in the basilica of St Frantsesko, one of the most beautiful Venetian buildings which dates back to the 14th century. About 20 kms south-east of Rethymno you will find the Convent of Arkadi which is among the highest points of Crete. A little further, there is the deep and huge cave of Melidoni. The view of the Idi mountain is superb. At this point you will have reached the highest point of Crete.
Behind the town of Hania, the famous White Mountains are located with the highest peak Pahnes Mount at 2456 meters.
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