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Region: Ionian Islands Area: Lefkada, Tsoukalades
Lefkada is a mountainous island situated south from Corfu and north from Kefalonia. Being connected with the mainland via a mobile bridge, you can also get there by car. It is like a real paradise on Earth! The island˘s western side and its centre will definitely astonish you with their unique sights. Lefkada is a very verdurous island. In the western part you will find some nice bluff bays as well as the most amazing golden sandy beaches with aquamarine waters, while those of the eastern part are more easily accessible, protected from wind and surrounded by little verdurous islands, amongst them ˇSkorpios˘, the famous island of ˇOnasis˘ family and ˇMadouri˘, the birthplace of the great Greek poet Aristotelis Valaoritis.

The white sandy beach in Porto Katsiki
Kira˘s Cavos
The walking tour at the lagoon which you will find as soon as you enter Lefkada˘s main town
The traditional villages of the island˘s back side
Lefkada, the island˘s capital, is a quiet town built at the end of a natural bay formed by a lagoon. It is really picturesque with its amazing port and is built to the Venice architectural style. The wooden houses with their wonderful colors make the atmosphere ideal.
Being at the beginning of the bay you should not miss to visit Agia Mavra Castle, dating from early 14th century and built by the Count Ioannis Orsini to protect the island from pirates. At a distance of 3km, you may enjoy, from the Monastery of Faneromeni, a breathtaking view of the town of Lefkada and its lagoon.
The archeological museum is hosting a very important collection of items found in the island while the Folklore Museum is exposing traditional wedding costumes as well as a representative image of the interior of the region˘s typical traditional house. Just a bit further, visit the small museum of gramophones to admire an interesting collection.
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