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Region: Peloponnese Area: Arcadia, Kardaras
Peleponnese looks like a huge maple leaf with Arcadia being situated in its center, it is basically mountainous and very important archaeologically. Tripoli, which is the capital of Arcadia and a crossroad in the heart of the Peloponnese is located 165 kms from Athens.
Arcadia is renown for its authenticity and ingenuity. The region is full of pine tree woods, steep precipices, hospitable mountain villages while the country side is idyllic.

Do not forget to visit the picturesque villages which are located on the steep cliffs of the Arcadian mountains and of course, the famous temple of Vasson dedicated to the Epicurean Apollo, which is one the best preserved temples in Greece and is hidden in the heart of the Peloponnese.
You should not cross Arcadia without stopping in the beautiful mountain villages. Close to these villages you can discover the magnificent ancient Temple of Vasson, the jewel of the region which is hidden between the mountains.
¤n the road from Magalopoli in Andritsana, do stop at the village of Karitena which spreads in the Alfios gorges and admire the medieval castle and its bell tower
A little further, the traditional village Elliniko leads you to the ruins of ancient Gortina and the Monastery of Prodromos (40 minute walk) build in the river banks of Lousios. Continue, the road leads you to the villages of Stemnitsa, Dimitsana and Lagadia which will impress you with their beauty.
┴ndritsana can be seen where the gorge ends and the steep banks of the river Alfios.
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