Friday, 28-Aug-2015

Discover the Magnificent Natural Beauty of Greece
Visit the beautiful and hospitable Greek countryside of mountains, of sea, of quaint villages and landscapes of vineyards and olive groves in centuries old settings.

The natural beauty and charm of Greece is just not confined to the typical venues overwhelmed by tourists – the Greek Isles and the renowned archaeological sites – this beauty and charm is also to be found in the road less travelled.

The Gods have blessed our native land with a natural beauty that is seldom explored by the package tour visitors.

Whether you enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking along cliffs overlooking the wine-dark sea; horseback riding in the scenic mountains; scuba diving or snorkelling; and exploring ancient grottos – or just relaxing with a good book, a glass of wine and a wondrous view - then you can satisfy your love for adventure and excitement in a country where mountains cover seventy percent of its total land, and the water is seldom far. Where visitors are shown the traditional Greek art of hospitality, where home made meals from local recipes are simply delicious.

Far from the beaten track and mass tourism
, very often close to Ancient Greek and Byzantine archaeological sites and the captivating sea, the destinations we offer are the real Greece.

Our destinations give you the opportunity to discover and to get to know the traditional Greek hospitality and the unequalled beauty and serenity of the Greek landscape.

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