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Sunnyclist: Crete˘s first tour with solar car!


Sunnyclist: Crete’s first tour with solar car!
Crete actively participates in the European Energy Week 2014 and introduce us the Sunnyclist, the first realistic solar car that is made by Cretan engineers and scientists and is about to make the tour of the island!
More specifically, the 'solar tour' of Crete (length 850 km) will last five days and will make 14 stops in 12 municipalities of the island.
Sunnyclist can reach up to 45 km / hour, travel about 70 miles on its battery and its cost is estimated at 6,500 to 7,000 euros.
Its manufacturers greatest expectation for the solar car is to go into production soon - especially to the tourism sector of the island - to elicit a new, significant lead and become the first Greek destination where exist solar cars.
One of the inventors of the solar car is Manolis Tsiakandilakis, owner of the Traditional Cottages Arodamos, member of the network Guest Inn since 2010.

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Sunnyclist: Crete˘s first tour with solar car!



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