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Communiqué de presse (an anglais) - Your stay at the exclusive guest houses of the Guest Inn network enables you to discover the different faces of “another Greece”.


Your stay at the exclusive guest houses of the Guest Inn network enables you to discover the different faces of “another Greece”.

Also known as the “mountain of Gods”, the legendary mount Olympus stands with pride at the borders of Macedonia and central Greece. The whole region is an ideal destination for nature lovers, trekkers, and cyclists. Two guest houses could be the stepping stone for journeys that bring you to the heart of nature.

- At the mountainous village of Aghios Dimitrios, at a 900 m height, stands the Dimati guest house. You can relax at the comfy lounge areas of the breakfast room and the living room with the fireplace tasting traditional dishes. The journeys can start from the guest house farm where wild boars and deer are bred and can reach the top of mount Olympus. The detailed maps and the tips of the experienced mountain guides guarantee a cozy and safe trip.

- At the foot of mount Olympos in the traditional village of the Aghios Panteleimonas stands the Hani guesthouse. An ideal destination for those who seek a combination of mountain and sea as the Pieria coastline is just 4 kms away. The guest house managers can organize a wealth of activities for you including mountain cycling, trekking, and 4X4 safari at the forest trails of the mountain.

Lakes, forests and mountains are the main characteristics of the environment in the Florina region situated in western Macedonia. Wine lovers will be in seventh heaven here tasting the exceptional wines of the local wineries that are included in the “wine roads of Macedonia”. Three guest houses guarantee a quality stay and are a stepping stone for interesting journeys in this corner of Greece that is so special.

- the traditional Aghonari guest house at the Sklithro village is an ideal choice for wine-tasting visits, bird-watching and canoeing in the lake nearby. The family restaurant proves an opportunity for you to enjoy traditional dishes made with fresh local products.

- The Kontossoros guest house at the Xino Nero village is exceptional for its hospitable environment, the traditional dishes and its rich wine cellar. Having this as a starting point, you can visit the four lakes, ski at the three ski resorts and walk the forest trails.

- The Villa Rosa guest house is situated between Florina and Kastoria, 5 kms away from the Pissoderi ski resort. You will have the chance to discover the agricultural life of the region and taste the traditional dishes with wild boar. You can also organize interesting excursions in the Prespes region and the villages around the lakes.

In central Macedonia, the visitor will combine a tour at the unique archaeological site of Vergina with visits to some of the most important wineries of Northern Greece.

- We recommend the Kokkino Spiti guest house situated at the old Jewish quarters of Veria and in an amazing building of 19th century Macedonian architecture. At the historic center of the city, the renovated houses retain intact the beauty of the past. You can also visit the nearby town of Naoussa that is considered to be the capital of wine in the Northern Greece.




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Communiqué de presse (an anglais) - Your stay at the exclusive guest houses of the Guest Inn network enables you to discover the different faces of “another Greece”.


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